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What makes Moseley a top real estate school in Missouri?
Since 1972 Moseley Real Estate Schools has been helping students build successful real estate careers. Moseley’s expertise and commitment is exclusively focused on real estate professionals and their success. With a superior first-time state exam pass rate, we understand the importance of your time and money. Superior student service, achieved by exceeding student expectations, is our first and most fundamental value!

Missouri’s requirements to become a real estate salesperson:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Receive Certificate of Satisfactory Completion from a 48-hour pre-exam salesperson course
  • Pass both portions of the MO state licensing examination
  • Complete the 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practices Course prior to submitting application
  • Submit application for license within SIX MONTHS of completion date of the 48-hour pre-exam course

Completing your course:

  1. Register for the Missouri Pre-Examination Online course. (This course should be taken BEFORE the Missouri Practices course).
  2. Complete your course.  Once you’ve completed the course requirements, you’re ready to take the final exam!  Due to Missouri requirements, Moseley’s final exam must be proctored by a disinterested 3rd party.  You must score at least a 75% on the final exam.  Your scores are then sent to Missouri within 10 business days to verify your state-exam eligibility.
  3. You can now either apply to take the AMP state licensing exam OR you can complete the 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practices course (required for licensure). You can choose to complete these two requirements in either order, but both must be completed before submitting your license application.
    We look forward to providing you with superior service.

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