Virginia Real Estate Agent Classes in Fairfax, VA

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Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway
Fairfax, VA


Fairfax, VA Real Estate Classes: Facility Info

Address: 12700 Fair Lakes Circle, Suite 120, Fairfax, VA 22033
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Amenities: Audiovisual equipment, built-in projection screens, 50-seat classrooms, private offices , internet & telephone access, plenty of free parking, full kitchen, and over 50 restaurants nearby.
Classroom Capacity: 50
Career Contact:
Ann Beck, Team Leader:
(703) 222-3300
Website: View our website

Fairfax, VA Real Estate Classes – Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway: Facility Greeting

Welcome to Keller Williams Realty Fairfax Gateway. Thanks for choosing to start your real estate career with us. As the ultimate learning-based real estate company in the country, Keller Williams offers you cutting-edge training and coaching that will take you to higher levels of personal productivity and profitability. We believe education does not stop once you become licensed, therefore we invite you to ask about our extensive educational programs that will assist you with building a rewarding career.

Fairfax, VA Real Estate Classes – Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway: Class Schedule

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Fairfax, VA Real Estate Classes – Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway: Instructor Profile

Ann Beck

Broker, Team Leader, and Moseley Instructor
(703) 222-3300 |

Ann is known for her ability to make people laugh. While she’s outgoing and has an easy-going nature, her true strengths lie in her ability to listen and her compassion for the needs of others. Because of this, she excelled in the world of commercial interior sales and marketing, and enjoyed a lengthy career in management, sales, and training in the electronics and computer industry. She added to her marketing resume when she entered residential land development.

Ann’s priority is family, and she has been heavily involved in her children’s school and extracurricular activities. Once of her two favorite hobbies is cooking (the other is dancing), and though her father trained her in the art of preparation as a sous chef, she really developed her skills after she got married and it became a real passion for her. She loves planning meals and bringing people together to enjoy them. Pair her enjoyment of cooking with her love of providing service beyond expectation, and you’re in for a treat!

Jean-Marc "J.M." Poirier

Owner, Salesperson, and Moseley Instructor
(703) 444-4659 |

At first meeting, you’ll notice that J.M. has a good sense of humor and likes to make others laugh. He is a family man, and his wife and children mean the world to him. He truly values his relationships with everyone in his life, and forges friendships easily. With a degree in business administration, he has a real head for numbers and it has served him well professionally in his past careers, both as a loan officer and as a licensed appraiser.

With nearly 20 years of experience under various working titles, J.M. is a “real estate Swiss army knife.” He enjoys teaching classes as coaching buyers, sellers and agents through the real estate sales process continues to provide the challenge and enjoyment that makes his career partnership thrive.

Though a native of Northern Virginia, J.M. worked with his father as a land developer for a short time in France. He enjoys bringing his family to Paris to visits his old neighborhood, and the Eiffel Tower as to appreciate the architectural and cultural beauty of the city itself. He a good cook, like long bike rides, and working out at the gym. To relax, he spends time with his daughters, reads a variety of business publications, and listens to books on tape.

Specialties:  investment properties, land sales, comparable rent schedules, appraisal, highest & best use study, partnerships, real estate franchise, title research, inspection and analysis, new construction, traditional lending, lease purchase, tax records.

Fairfax, VA Real Estate Classes – Keller Williams Fairfax Gateway: Student Feedback

  • “Ann is one of the best Instructors I’ve ever worked with. She communicated clearly, and the experience was fun, interactive, and I feel confident that I will pass the exams.” - E. H. 
  • “Ann Beck was very knowledgeable about all topics; I really enjoyed her class.” - L.W. 
  • “They all did a great job going over the materials!”
  • “Great Instructors!” “Great Class - Much better than NVAR!”
  • “Keller Williams class was better then other Realtor Classes.” - Waseem
  • “Very instructive, knows the material. Very interesting, excellent examples, could answer any question. I enjoyed this class!”
  • “Extremely knowledgeable well versed in all real estate matters. An invaluable resource; I’m very fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn from him.
  • “Ann Beck and Harry Gordon were excellent instructors. Their knowledge and experience was evident from beginning to end. They kept the class interesting and engaging and have offered their continued support. They did a great job!” -Michael Beck
  • “Jean-Marc, thank you so much for teaching this valuable and informative class.” - I.T.
  • “I really enjoyed your class JM, and would like to thank you for everything, and especially for       all of your help.” - D. L. 
  • “I enjoyed the amount of experience and information JM brought to the class. He explains          things well and answers questions thoroughly.” - N. D. 
  • “JM’s teaching method is fun, but to the point. To help the class grasp the information more         quickly, he gave a brief scenario to reinforce the material. It was a pleasure, and I would         gladly attend any class he is teaching.” - D. R.
  • “Jean-Marc was very kind to share his experience. I will be hunting for any of his upcoming      classes in real estate.” - A. T.


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