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William Raymond, Broker:
(804) 869-3497


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593 Southlake Blvd
Suite B
Richmond, VA 23236

Classroom Capacity: 30

Wi-Fi, Ample Parking, Coffee Maker, etc.

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Welcome Existing & Future Agents of Assist-2-Sell

Richmond, VA

Welcome to Assist-2-Sell!

We're looking for high-octane winners to join our team of agents. You'll get the training and the support of a super team, without the marketing expenses to you. The ideal candidate will be able to manage their own business-within-a-business; hit our high standards; and grow fast with our company.

Typically, an Assist-2-Sell office will generate many more times the leads as traditional offices. By relying on the concept and not the agents to generate business, Assist-2-Sell offices do not strive to fill lots of desks with agents. The average Assist-2-Sell agent will handle ten times the business as the average traditional agent. This means nine fewer agents requiring desk space and wasting time. You're surrounded by top producers, and the best part is you'll become a top producer as well!

There's too much at stake for the consumer to turn the sale of their home over to part-time agents. The good news is that at Assist-2-Sell, you'll be successful enough to make real estate your full-time career. Your skills will improve faster with the experience and guidance you'll enjoy at Assist-2-Sell.

Some real estate agents are content with closing a few sales per year, making enough money, and not working too hard. These agents would not be happy and don't belong at Assist-2-Sell. The traditional world fits them best. Ours is a fast-paced, demanding, challenging world. Where do you see yourself fitting in?

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William Raymond
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