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Larissa Ortiz: 352-425-9756


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206 SW 10th Street, Ocala, FL 34471

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Welcome Existing & Future Agents of Global Properties Realty & Investments, LLC.

Ocala, FL

Global Properties Realty has revolutionized the way our clients are served and our agents are compensated. We offer an exciting alternative to traditional Realtors®  jobs in the State of Florida, Dominican Republic and the world.

We are one of the Real Estate Brokers in Florida with strong relationship in over 119 countries, as our good relationship and affiliation with other Real Estate Associations around the world.... Our Listings goes to more than 500 real estate websites around the world. We are dedicated to helping each associate understand all aspect of the real estate transaction through customer education and communication. We are a team of professional experts with training in real estate management united by the same purpose. We have Confidence, Security, Seriousness, Integrity, Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism, Responsibility, Direction, Globalization, Diversity, Prestige, Constancy, Leadership, Action, Strategies for you.

You have to decided if you want to make more money and have more freedom it is the best way to propel your real estate career...

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