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Eric Pearson, President:
(571) 386-1076


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43777 Central Station Drive
Suite 390
Ashburn, VA 20147

Classroom Capacity: 18

Ample parking, projector and white board, internet access, vending machines, etc. We have coffee, teas, sparkling water and snacks.

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Welcome Existing & Future Agents of Pearson Smith Realty

Ashburn, VA

Welcome to Pearson Smith Realty! We're excited that you're considering our Training Center to begin you career in Real Estate!

We have a very Unique Pro-Agent Culture here at Pearson Smith
We love our independent agents! And our agents love the friendly—and collaborative—environment that we have here at Pearson Smith. We highly value and respect each one of them…and, in turn, they really appreciate the special advantages they derive from having Pearson Smith as their top-tier brokerage platform. It’s a great symbiotic relationship…and a ‘win-win’ for both of us.

We provide great Support & Coaching to our Agents
With Pearson Smith on your team—connecting you with the very best lenders, title companies, home inspectors, contractors, etc.—you’re free to focus your time & attention on building great relationships with your clients…and on helping them sell their homes, or on finding the perfect house for each one of them. And for those agents who find themselves in unfamiliar situations, we provide great counsel and coaching. And, unlike at other agencies, our agents are extremely supportive of one another, and willing to provide advice & assistance when needed.

We have a flexible—and lucrative—Commission Structure
We have an innovative split-commission fee structure here at Pearson Smith that features a sliding scale that pairs a higher commission percentage with a slightly higher monthly affiliation fee…vs. a lower commission percentage with a slightly lower monthly affiliation fee. And you’re free to choose whichever pay structure you’re most comfortable with. Often, our newer, less experienced agents, choose the safer, more stable version; while our more confident, experienced, and entrepreneurial agents choose the version that maximizes their potential return.

We want to Meet You!
If you have Big Dreams—and want to make a lot of money as a successful real estate agent—we have the tools & relationships to help you reach them. So call us today to schedule that first meeting. We guarantee that it will forever change your future.

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