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Using Social Media To Sell Real Estate

Now is the time to take advantage of Social Media to grow your business. Build your network, increase positive client interaction and grow your real estate business with these 3 tactics for using Social Media to Sell Real Estate!

Make Connections

A large part of being a successful real estate agent is the ability to make meaningful connections with people. Connecting with clients makes them more likely to trust you and much more likely recommend your services.

Use Facebook to connect with current and potential clients by interacting with them and addressing their questions and concerns.

A huge benefit of Pages is the ability to collect reviews. Encourage your clients to leave reviews and make sure to stay on top of responding to them! Reviews are a great way to manage and build relationships with your clients, as well as draw in new clientele. Positive reviews give you instant credibility, which can help edge out the competition.

Create a separate Business Page for selling real estate instead of using your personal account. Not only is using a Page more professional, Pages also give you access to important Insights, such as Number of Likes, Level of Engagement and how many people your post reached.

Share Great Content

To succeed on social media, it’s essential to consistently share great content. Images are particularly important, since posts with images show a significantly higher rate of engagement than posts with only text. If you are struggling to find the time to post on a consistent basis, consider investing in an automated social media scheduling service like Hootsuite or Buffer. Buffer even has a free version for users who are just getting started.

When it comes to using social media to sell real estate, posting high quality images is a must. Showcase your properties on Instagram, a visual social media platform that hosts around 800 million active users a month. Like Facebook, make sure that you are using a separate, professional account for posting real estate.

If you don’t have the necessary equipment or photography skills, consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your listings. Seeking out high quality images is an investment but it is one that will be worthwhile for driving engagement, finding new followers and ultimately, driving sales.

Give your followers the chance to get a look “behind the scenes” of your listings by taking advantage of Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and Facebook Live video streaming. Video content is on the rise and has been proven to drive engagement and produce tangible results.  When you are using Live streaming features on Facebook or Instagram, your users will be notified to tune in. This gives you the chance to grab your audience and give them an exclusive tour of your properties.


Many social media platforms offer advertising services, which can be extremely useful for capturing new leads and spreading awareness of your listings.

Since so many users engage with social media every day, it make sense to advertise on these platforms. Facebook Ads will allow you to target very specific demographics for your advertisements. Targeting allows you to get your ads in front of people who have already expressed interest in buying a home.

*It is important to note, that a recent Facebook algorithm update filters out organic posts from Business Pages, unless the posts are paid advertisements.

Pinterest also rolled out an advertising platform recently, which is a great resource for selling real estate. By investing money into Promoted Pins, Pinterest will allow you to choose demographics for your Pin to target and push your posts to appear for those users. Much like Instagram, Pinterest is image-focused, so be sure to use only high quality images.


Now is the time to start taking advantage of using social media to sell real estate. Social Media Marketing is a time investment but the reward is getting your listings in front of thousands of potential new clients and targeting users who are ready to buy!

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